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I play alot of WoW, and spent most of my time in the den. Now, I play in the same room as my family watching TV.   My wife and I are much happier with this situation.
-- Chris, Denver CO

Hi. I had bought the Easy Chair LCD mount approximately 1 1/2 years back and I just realized that I had not expressed my gratitude towards you guys!!! This mount is amazing! Although I am not using it as intended, I am making the full use of it under my bed!! It works just as well. I've even uploaded a video of my set up on YouTube for you guys to check out.
-- M. Ismail 

Great quality product, good finish, and it arrived in only 3 days.   It took me about 10 minutes to get the monitor attached and install on my recliner.    I may never get up again.
-- Josh, MO

I though it was kind of expenive, but ordered anyway figuring I could return it if it is not worth it.   So far I've used it for a week and definitly worth it.    I spend 6+ hours a day surfing and gaming, and this is way more comfortable than sitting in a cheap office chair.
-- Darrel, Reno NV

I play WOW as a job, making money by contests and things like this, so of course I'm on the computer a lot. My two kids and wife all talked to me about how I'm always in the basement, and I was about to quit. But after I saw this site, I was amazed!!! It was perfect for me, and now I can spend time with my kids while at "work."
--C. Pearson

I play poker online as a profitable hobby, this means many hours most evenings online.   Great product...   Do you know of any LCD Arms that can hold two monitors at once?
--  Jim, Medford OR






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